USB 3-in-1 TableMike Microphone with Speech Equalizer

SpeechWare TableMike 3-in-1
SpeechWare TableMike 3-in-1
Item# SW-TBK3

Product Description

High sensitive noise cancelling Desktop Microphone with the following 3 major features:

1. USB interface and Standard 3.5 mm Input and Output Sound ports.

2. Detachable and interchangeable flexible 38 cm microphone boom.

3. Industry first integrated Amplifier and Speech Equalizer allowing far away dictation with utmost accuracy (25 cm to 50 cm).

Ideal for Speech recognition, Voice and Music recording and Wideband or High Definition VoIP. Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, Vista, 2000, Mac OS and Linux compatible. Two year warranty!.

Specially tuned-up for Dragon NaturallySpeaking, the microphone element is certified with a top "5 Dragons" by Nuance. Selected as "Best in Class" by the world leading computer magazine MacWorld and The Gadgeteer.

Main Features

  • Dictate without wearing anything or being physically tethered to your PC!
  • Shotgun, highly unidirectional back electric condenser microphone
  • Superior sound quality for Speech Recognition, Voice or Music recording and High Definition (HD) Voice over IP
  • Industry first Speech Equalizer for far away positioning (up to 50 cm / 20") depending on your voice and ambient noise
  • Superior Noise cancelling technology that filters out background noise effectively
  • Specially insulated USB cable (2.4 m) with gold plated, non corrosive, connector compatible with any PC
  • Versatile 38 cm (15") long adjustable boom to dictate standing up
  • Indicator LED in the base to show status
  • Detachable microphone boom for easy removal, transport and storage
  • User selectable three functions Push button (Always On, Push to Talk and Push to Lock)
  • Digital control panel (buttons) in the base
  • Bundled Monaural Earphone
  • Windows® 10/8/7/XP/Vista/2000/MacOS® 10.0 or higher/Linux compatible!


Telescoping Boom for SpeechWare TableMike
Telescoping Boom for SpeechWare TableMike
This accessory boom is the perfect upgrade to your existing 3-in-1 or 6-in-1 TableMike if you need some additional reach. It will extend from a retracted length of 19 inches to an extended length of 24 inches. For many, the 2 ft. length of this boom will allow you to situate the base of the TableMike far out of the way and prevent it from taking up valuable real estate on your desk or work surface.


  • Variable length from 480 mm to 600 mm
  • Available with both -37 DB cardioid and -47 hypercardioid capsules (we stock only the latter)
  • Works with the 3-in-1 and 6-in-1 (it is already standard on the 9-in-1 and wireless 6-in-1)

  • Note: If you are purchasing this with a new 3-in-1 or 6-in-1, we recommend simply upgrading to the 9-in-1 instead. This way, you get more features for the same cost.
    Telescoping Boom for SpeechWare TableMike SW-TBMK-TELEBOOM
    SpeechWare TableMike Wall-Mount
    SpeechWare TableMike Wall-Mount
    This simple product is a replacement base plate for any of the TableMikes which is slightly larger than the original base plate and which provides a mechanism of screwing the base to a wall or desk. Changing out the original base plate with this replacement will require the use of a small philips head screwdriver.


  • works with all three TableMikes (3-in-1, 6-in-1 and 9-in-1)
  • weight about 2 oz
  • requires small philips head screwdriver for installation; for actual mounting to a desk or wall, you will need supporting screws, wall-fasterners, etc.
  • $29.00
    SpeechWare TableMike Wall-Mount SW-TBMK-WM