An amazing replacement microphone for the mobile device user

SpeechWare TabletMike
SpeechWare TabletMike

Product Description

The newly released SpeechWare "TabletMike" is a small rotating and swiveling microphone which includes the same highly sensitive and accurate microphone element used in the acclaimed TableMike series and the recently updated TravelMike.  It comes as a bundle and includes the following:

  • Microphone with included highly sensitive and directional element.  Microphone has a 3.5 mm audio plug and swiveling tip (see detailed specifications below)
  • Foam windscreen (optional for distant use, ideal for close-range use)
  • Small adapter to allow use in iOS and Android devices

  • This product is intended primarily for mobile device users requiring a more accurate and directional microphone than the on-board microphone and is compatible a variety of operating systems, including Windows, Mac (if interfacing with a USB adapter), iOS and Android.

    This is the same microphone included with the recently released (October 2015) TravelMike bundle, so for those with the older bundle which included the short boom microphone, switching to this element will bring you the same performance of the updated TravelMike.

    The small mobile device adapter bundled with this product is designed for situations in which the TabletMic is plugged into a port that combines microphone-in and sound-out functionality, such as seen on most mobile devices and many newer computers.  It serves the purpose of separating the mic-in and sound-out channels.
    Why the TabletMike?  To be blunt, this is an expensive accesory.  Why should you consider it?  To very important reasons for the user requiring the best performance from an application on a mobile device:  1) it is a high-quality microphone element that can be expected to provide a better audio signal than the on-board microphone and 2) it is highly directional and will likely do a much better job in rejecting external noise outside of the axis of this device.  If "hearing is believing", take a listen to the two following links, recorded within minutes of each other on the site owner's iPhone.  Both recording are done with moderately loud music playing in the background.  One is done with the on-board microphone and the second with the TabletMic.  You decide which provides the best noise rejection.

  • Recording with iPhone on-board mic
  • Recording with TabletMic

  • TabletMike Audio Specifications:
    • Element: back electret condenser 
    • Polar Pattern: cardioid Sensitivity: -37 dB@1kHz, SPL=1Pa
    • Frequency Response and output impedence: 80 - 20,000 Hz and 1700 ohms ADC 
    • Signal to Noise Ratio: 92 dB@i fs=48kHz, 1kHz at 1 Pa

    • Physical Specifications (microphone only):

    • Weight:  24 gm (0.8 oz)
    • Length (including plug):  7.5 cm (3 inches)
    • Length (excluding plug):  6.0 cm (2 3/8 inches)
    • Color black

    • Included in the box:

    • Microphone
    • Windscreen
    • Mobile device adapter