Jelly Beamer™ twist wireless switch

Jelly Beamer™  twist wireless switch
Item# 100-33600

Product Description

Our famous wireless switch is now available with a twist! Now, Jelly Beamer includes four interchangeable twist tops. Change from red to green to yellow to blue within seconds. Additional switch tops in even more colors sold separately.

AbleNet’s Big and Jelly Beamers include a wireless transmitter and receiver. Turn both components on, plug the receiver into any switchadapted toy or device, and you’re ready for wireless access. Beamers are paired with their own receiver, meaning multiple devices can be used in the same room at the same time, without interference. Effective range is up to 30 feet.

All Big and Jelly Beamer switches feature:

  • Long battery life with built-in sleep mode for maximum energy efficiency
  • Unique wireless codes eliminating cross-talk between devices
  • Effective range up to 30 feet with no line-of-sight required
  • External switch jack - Make any switch wireless by plugging it into Jelly Beamer (Jelly Beamer only)
  • Transmitter and receiver require 2 AA batteries each (not included)
  • Each switch is uniquely paired with its receiver, allowing multiple students to use their own Jelly Beamers at the same time, from as far away as 30-feet, without interfering with one another.

  • The Jelly Beamer wirelessly transforms your classroom into a learning environment where:
    • Students focus on the task at hand, not the cords on the table.
    • Students experience the power of access, not the burden of the equipment.
    • Teachers focus on students, not cumbersome technology set-ups.
    • Students have instant access to learning and leisure tools from any location and position.
    • Turn-taking and sharing is as easy as passing the Jelly Beamer from one person to another.